Laguna di Ponente and Laguna di Levante). In the past the Argentario was an island but over time the sea currents and sedimentation of the river Albegna have created two tomboli, or two long strips of sand, which now connect it to the mainland, forming the lagoon. Ancient area of domination first etruscan then roman, in the Middle Ages was on of the possessions of the Aldobrandeschi of Grosseto and then of the Sienese. At the fall of Siena in the sixteenth century it became part of the Kingdom of Naples, and after a period of Austrian domination passed to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany in 1860. The following year came the unification of Italy. Known as a popular summer holiday destination, here are organized excursions within the Regional Park of Maremma and diving in the lagoon. Its distinctive territory, protected on initiative of the WWF, of the Oasis of Orbetello Lagoon, also offers several places of historical and artistical interest. The cathedral of the city, built on the ruins of a Roman temple, houses some eighteenth century paintings and religious pictures dating back to 800. You can still see the two gates and the fortress wanted by the Spanish as a further fortification of the ancient Etruscan walls. It is also interesting to visit the imposing Rocca Aldobrandesca which had warning and defense functiones of the underlying marine landing point where now stands the port of the small village of Talamone.|Orbetello" />

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